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How should I pick a good password?

Choose unique passwords for each website you use, never re-use passwords across different websites. If not using a password manager, a good password is one that is easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess. If using a password manager (recommended, see below), it should be able to generate very secure passwords for you (of at least 16 characters).

How can I tell if my password is a good one?

Dropbox wrote an excellent tech blog on this subject:

Dropbox Password Strength Estimation

Which password manager should I use?

The Wirecutter has reviewed the best-known password managers (and they keep their recommendations up-to-date):

The Wirecutter's Best Password Managers

How do you know that my password was in a breach?

We use a service which allows us to (securely) check whether your chosen password has appeared in a public breach before. For more information, see:

Troy Hunt's 'Pwned Passwords' API

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